Some people love landscape or still life photography, I love capturing the personality and the spark that makes us all individuals.


Environmental portraits.

Are not just about the person in the photo, but how they are interacting with the environment around them, that tells the story. We know of some pretty special spots to have photos taken, however what’s in the background helps tell the story and adds to the depth of the image. Maybe the family home, for a family this can be a great reminder of you first home when the kids were young, or your grandparents backyard where the kids spend hours making mud pies, or in a more professional arena, your environment can help illustrate what you do and can help your audience connect with.  So where ever you are, I will  come to you, meet you in the local playground,  cattle yards or national park, anywhere that has special meaning to you.

Packages start from $150.


Studio Portraits.

Do you like the simplicity of studio photography? Studio portraits take all the extra info out. It’s only about you, or the kids or your 93 year old grandfather. There is nothing to hide behind, nothing to distract, this is honest photography. It can be fun or cute, real and creative. You come to me, where it’s warm and relaxed you may even bring along some of your favourite music to help put you at ease, or a prop or two.


All packages include post editing and images supplied to you a week later on CD.  The images are yours, to publish on the web, to print off as many times as you like and email to friends and family.

Packages start from $150.

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